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Penny Blacks, Mailbox Bimringham

Penny Blacks, located in the bustling Mailbox area of Birmingham, reached out to us to capture stunning interior shots for their social media promotion. Our goal was to showcase the unique and inviting atmosphere of Penny Blacks, highlighting its vibrant and stylish setting. The high-quality images perfectly conveyed the charm of the restaurant, making it stand out on social media platforms. Additionally, they initially commissioned us to create a promotional video, which effectively captured the essence of Penny Blacks.

Impressed by the results, Penny Blacks called us back to shoot a few items on their menu and to produce two more promotional videos. These professional photos and videos not only enhanced their online presence but also attracted more customers, proving the effectiveness of quality imagery in driving business growth. The collaboration with Penny Blacks demonstrated how compelling visuals can significantly boost a restaurant's appeal and success.

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